The First Crypto Token And NFT Poker Game

Win Massive BNB Jackpots by matching the right NFT card pairs!

How It Works

Step 1

Become eligible to win by holding at least .2 BNB worth of $JWILD token

Step 2

Collect Joker's Wild NFT cards by trading with other players OR by purchasing Joker's Wild NFTs from

Step 3

Win the Jackpot by matching the randomized weekly hand with your NFT cards!

As Rare As The Pair

Each NFT card is custom made by our in-house artist. No code-generated variations here.

Just like a deck of cards, there are 52 cards in the collection, each with their own unique design.

Each card is designed off of a current or historical figure that greatly impacted their field of expertise.

A Token Built For The Game

When it comes creating a token designed for a game, it should only be utilized for the game. That’s why we’ve committed the tokens and liquidity to the game. This creates a level playing field for the investors.

Token Amount For Liquidity
Total Amount Of Liquidity Locked
Total Amount Of Tokens For The Team

Token Contract


Project Roadmap

Phase 1

Phase 2

Future Plans

How To Buy $JWILD Token

Step 1

Make sure your wallet is connected to Pancake Swap in top right corner and is on the Smart Chain network

Step 2

Go to Trade -> Swap -> set BSC (or BNB) to JWILD swap. If you do not see $JWILD token, input token address (above) to import token.

Step 3

Enter total amount of JWILD token to swap. Be sure to set your slippage appropriately.

Step 4

Click swap! Your are done!

Frequently Asked Questions

Joker’s Wild is a crypto token and NFT based poker game that allows players to win a jackpot if they hold the weekly announced pair. Learn more by viewing the game manual.

$JWILD is a BEP-20 token built onto the Binance Smart Chain Platform. It was created with the intention of being a utility token for the Joker’s Wild Game.

Currently, $JWILD is available for purchase on Pancake Swap.

The Joker cards are wild cards designed after each team member (and King Kane). These are cards that can be used in the play of any card in order to create a winning pair.

If you participated in the $JWILD pre-sale and you qualify, you will receive your FREE random NFT card by airdrop. Visit NFT Request to get your pre-sale NFT. After the token is live, you can get NFTs by visiting our wallet on, or by trading/purchasing from other players on our Discord community.

For the pre-sale of $JWILD, there is a minimum of 1 BNB to receive your FREE NFT and limited to the first 52 investors that invest at least 1 BNB.

We will announce the weekly pair on our social media and community platforms. If you have the NFT cards that match the weekly pair, go to Payout Request to initiate your jackpot collection process.

Winners will need to go to Payout Request to request their jackpot payout. In order for the winner to receive their jackpot, they must fill out the payment request form and send the NFTs back to our NFT wallet address. Also, a winner must be holding at least .2 BNB worth of $JWILD token during the hand period to receive the payout.

Hand periods run Monday-Thursday and Friday-Sunday

In order for a player to receive their jackpot, they must send the NFT cards back to our designated wallet. We will put those cards back onto for re-sale.

If there are no payout requests, the jackpot gets rolled over to the next week and accumulates until someone requests a payout with the winning weekly hand. It is possible for someone to have a winning hand, but not request a payout.